Causes Behind False Business Monitored Alarm Systems

Having business alarm systems, whether it is a fire alarm system is very necessary for security management of any business organization. Security and safety concerns are being handled professionally by the security system companies. Before knowing the meaning of false business alarm it is very important to know what a valid business alarm is. A valid business monitored alarm system is the activation of a security system caused by unauthorized entry into the organization’s property or caused by any other emergency situation. On the other hand false alarm is a situation when your business security alarms, fire alarms set off unnecessarily. Reducing false alarm is top priority for any business organization. Because business alarm monitoring system is a good tool to handle and enhance security and safety of the business organization.  

Reasons behind false business monitored alarm?

Faulty equipment and incorrect installation: -

Most of the false alarms occur due to the installation of faulty equipments and poor quality equipment. Some equipment is not reliable and gives false alarms so it is very important to make certain that you are getting good quality and reliable equipment. Incorrect installation is another big reason for false.

Human error: -

Seventy percent of false alarms are caused by human errors or user faults. User errors, such as using incorrect keypad codes and errors arising from inadequate employee training, such as entering and exiting alarmed premises incorrectly.

Low batteries and inconsistent power source: -

Low batteries and inconsistent power source is a big reason behind false alarms. The battery back-up for your alarm monitoring system may need new batteries. You are supposed to replace them every three years. Provide your batteries consistent power source.

Loose doors and windows: -

Doors and window sensors are activated when the connection between the two sensors is disrupted. If a door or window is loose, it can easily be rattled by the wind and trigger a false alarm. Lock door and windows properly before you activate your alarm it will minimize unintentional sensor disturbances.

Pets, rodents and insects: -

Some motion detectors will be triggered by pets, rodents and insects. If they roam the house they sometimes become the reason for false alarm. Most of the times due to the presence of pets motion detector alarms are triggered.


Tips to reduce false business monitored alarm

·         Select a professional and specialized alarm company to install business and home alarm monitoring system. Do not go for a cheaper version. Use quality equipments.  Use the right equipments for the right applications and ensure the equipment is installed properly


·         Ensure the home security company is licensed and reputable and make sure alarm is monitored by a ULC listed monitoring station.


·         Make sure that alarm buttons or other emergency activation features are out of the reach of Children and pets.


·         Have your alarm inspected annually to ensure equipment is working appropriately.  Check the batteries of any wireless devices and the backup power to the primary keypad. Spray insect repellent around sensors and detectors twice a year. Contact a professional exterminator if rodents, insects, or other pests are a problem.


·         Make sure that the monitoring center has current contact information and that call lists and emergency contacts are accurate .Inform the alarm company or monitoring center if you expect to be away from the home for an extended period of time. 

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