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Capital Infusion to Expand Cloud-Based Software Platform for Physical Security Providers


SAN DIEGO, Jan. 10, 2017 /Press Release/ — Trackforce, a leader in physical security software and technology solutions, announced today the closing of a $7.4 million strategic growth investment from Five Elms Capital. The investment will allow Trackforce to further enhance its product offering, accelerate global expansion and expedite new feature development, according to Trackforce CEO, Guirchaume Abitbol.


Trackforce is the leading SaaS provider of operations management tools for security guards, integrating mobile security guard management, incident reporting, workforce optimization and field reporting.  The company’s GuardTek platform includes a combination of web-based and mobile applications to connect mobile guards, stationary guards and security managers; improving visibility into overall security operations.  The GuardTek software suite is currently used by more than 80,000 users at over 8,000 sites in 28 countries.


As the market leader in Europe, Trackforce has been adopted by a number of highly sensitive sites and high profile clients (Brink’s, Bayer, Chanel, Indigo, G4S and Fnac among others).  The company has since expanded into North America and is trusted by large customers including Whelan Security, McGill University and SecurAmerica.

“Trackforce has changed how physical security services are managed, providing transparency into operations and allowing for dramatically faster response times to incidents,” Abitbol added.  “With global threats on the rise, the security market is at a key inflection point where best-in-class technology will ensure the highest level of quality, service and protection.”


“Trackforce has built a best-in-class platform that changes the way security professionals manage their operations,” said Joe Onofrio, Managing Director at Five Elms Capital. “The team’s innovative technology, industry knowledge and best-in-class customer service have driven strong growth over the last 10 years; we look forward to working with the team to expand on the success achieved to date.”


About Trackforce


Trackforce is a leader in physical security software and technology solutions. For over 15 years, Trackforce has provided fully integrated security solutions to its partners and customers. Trackforce is dedicated to the development of cloud and mobile-based security management software systems. Thanks to its security expertise and the use of state-of-the-art information systems technology, Trackforce proudly offers the most effective solutions available on the market.  The company has over 1,000 customers including the world’s leading security guard service providers, major airports, universities and corporations across the globe.  Additional information is available at


About Five Elms Capital

Five Elms Capital is a leading growth equity firm that invests in fast-growing companies outside of Silicon Valley. Five Elms partners with growing, founder-owned software and services businesses, providing capital and resources to help companies accelerate growth and further cement their role as industry leaders. For more information, visit



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Tips to Get Your Workforce Management System in Shape

If an organization wants to thrive rapidly in a very short time in its business market, the most important task that an organization should do is paying special attention to the organization’s workforce management. A good workforce management system helps an organization achieve its goals easily. Workforce management system has become the hottest topic for the past few years. It is shown in the business’s profit analysis on the basis of the world’s successful business organizations that they are on top just because of their effective workforce management system. The more an organization invests and works on their workforce, the more it has chances to increase its net profit. An effective workforce management system helps to meet an organizations demand of work with available resources and satisfy business goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Here we have shared the best approaches to get a workforce management in shape. Bring these approaches into your organization’s workforce management strategy and get ready to make long-term bottom-line profits.


Maintain a Productive Atmosphere

Maintaining a productive atmosphere is a fundamental aspect of workforce management that employers often overlook. To make an organization’s atmosphere productive it is very important to delegate your employees few authorities on the basis of their knowledge and skills. A delegation of authority produces a sense of responsibility in the employees and employees’ faith in the organization. Delegation of authority and responsibility ensures good controlling and reporting in the organization and effective work processes to achieve business goals.


Keep your Employees Happy

Employees are the main aspect that helps an organization achieving short time and long time business goals. If your employees are dissatisfied and unhappy, they won’t perform and are more likely to seek employment elsewhere. Ensure that your workplace includes flex time or paid time off. Consider offering them other benefits like incentives and bonus.


Keep Lines of Communication Open

For new hires, it is very hard to understand organization rules, current working trends and working conditions. Make sure you are keeping lines of communication open for your new and existing employees so that they could ask anything from their superiors and higher authorities in case of doubt or disbelief. Ensure that your organization is providing proper training to new hires. Also, ensure that your current employees have the ongoing training they need to learn new skills and adapt to added responsibilities. Give your employees everything they need, from training to supplies, to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.


Use up to Date Workforce Management Software



There are number of software programs available for workforce management that help an organization keep its workforce in shape. Identify your needs and find the program best suited for your company. With the help of workforce management system, you can manage payroll and benefits, track employees, applicant and incidents easily. It is an Ideal tool for HR administration which offers them, timekeeping systems, absence management and performance management system. Workforce management software also helps to make predictions and plan for your company’s future.


Set Realistic Goals after Research

Make sure you gather plenty of data to set your business goals. Always set goals that are realistic and can be achieved in a particular time period. Work together with your employees to set business goals that encourage both personal and professional growth. Evaluate your company’s weaknesses try to transform them into strengths. Pay attention to which employees excel in certain areas and help them foster their growth. Don’t be afraid to seek feedback from your employees on how you can improve because they may have insights you never thought of.


Evolve with the Trends

Try to keep your business goals bit flexible so that you can evolve with the market’s new trends. For example, in today’s technological times, it is important to have a website that is reactionary to the type of screen it’s viewed on desktop, tablet, Smartphone, etc. Try to embrace new changes and make them work for you.


Trackforce Offers a Solution to the Long Security Lines at US Airports

GuardTek Aviation, a solution for airport security

It’s all over the news recently, airport security screening wait times are getting increasingly unmanageable. As the summer approaches, there are predictions that the problem will only be exacerbated. Trackforce, specializing in software to streamline operational management of aviation security, is offering the ideal solution to mitigate the long lines.


Why the Long Lines?

TSA blames the extended wait times on a combination of more travelers, an increase in the volume of carry-on bags, fewer TSA officers and the need for tighter security measures after the attacks in Brussels and Paris.

Investigations into the TSA by the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General and the House Committee on Oversight have uncovered several issues with the agency that won’t be remedied by simply adding staff, reports The investigations found that the TSA also wastes “hundreds of millions of dollars on malfunctioning and unnecessary technology”.

The Solution.

This week, The Kansas City Star reported that “as TSA takes heat over long airport lines, KCI travelers take it easy”. A reason KCI travelers take it easy is because KCI utilizes GuardTek Aviation to manage its screening process.

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GuardTek Aviation has been specifically designed to support the airport security screening process, providing accurate and real time tracking of security officers and the screening process itself. Supervisors are able to track staff in real time, a key element in providing efficient and comprehensive airport security.

The most pertinent integrated feature of the software is queue flow technology, which is connected to a waiting time calculation system to allow for the appropriate amount of personnel dispatched based on the queue and expected passenger flow.

The software also monitors the time security officers spend at screening (x-ray) to ensure enough time is spent to keep their credentials.


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Tips to Place Security Cameras in an Organization for Better Security Management System

Ensuring the safety of an organization’s people and possessions always would be a first concern for any organization’s owners. Since organizations have to deal with many adverse security conditions such as - internal thefts, terrorist attacks, drugs use and workplace violence. These adverse security conditions are costing our business organizations plenty in terms of lost inventory, decreased productivity and injury. Protecting organizations from these adverse security conditions is fundamentally important.  


Why Security Cameras are most important part of the organization’s security system?


For a top class and bulletproof organization security an organization requires careful consideration of integrated security system along with security guards and security guard tour systems. Security cameras are the most important part of organization’s security system. They are one of the key ingredients of an organization’s security system. As they are constructed to provide adequate protection against adverse security conditions, they are critical for ensuring the daily smooth running of any business. Along with the security monitoring system, security cameras are enough to provide a watch to the entire organization against security threats.


Security Cameras helps to enhance Security management in the organization


Security cameras are proven best solutions for enhanced security management for the organization. The productivity of the organization with security cameras in their security management systems is 70% more than organizations with no security cameras in their security management system.  Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes with (wired and wireless options) IP cameras that allow us to monitor all areas of organization facility on desktop screen iPhone and android mobile devices in real time.  In case of emergency, with the use of security cameras and security monitoring system you can perform favorable security actions instantly in real time. Without adding security camera in the security management system you cannot secure your organization. If you are convinced with the benefits of security cameras for the organization security and are planning to install security cameras for your organization, you have to be very alert to know where to place the cameras.  In this post we have got some professional tips on where to put security cameras around the organization for better organization security management.  

·         Consider buying security cameras for you organization with night vision technology for enhanced security during nights.

·         Consider putting organization outdoor security cameras for organization’s parking and exterior security.

·         Place security cameras that focus on the Organization’s Entrance

·         Put security cameras within the reception area of the organization, focusing on all the corner of reception.

·         Place high-tech security cameras on every floor of the organization.

·         Cover your basement area of the organization with hi-tech security cameras, focusing on every corner of organization’s basement.

·         Place security cameras on the entrance of each cabin within the organization.

·         Put security cameras focusing on a flight of stairs in such a way that it cover the whole stairs.

·         Restricted area of the organization such as data centers, electricity room and factory areas.

·         Place security cameras outside the organization’s rest rooms and bathrooms.

·         Cover your organization canteen with security cameras.

These tips will help you to get the most out of your security cameras as well as make your organization more secure and professional.




Trackforce provides support following the Paris attacks of November 13th 2015

eiffel tower red white blue

On Friday 13th 2015, Paris experienced a series of devastating terror attacks. In the nearly simultaneous strikes on Friday night, the assailants targeted six sites, killed a reported 129 people and injured 352 more. In honor and support of those directly affected, people across the globe took to social media to express support for the victims of the carnage.

Trackforce would like to show our support as well.  To assist our French clients in managing increased security demands, we are offering 100 additional complementary licenses of our officer management softwareGuardTek.  With the additional licenses of m-Post and Patrol, teams will have at minimum a Lone Worker protection, interactive guard tours and will be able to communicate and assemble all critical and useful information in real time.

As a company founded in Paris, almost half of Trackforce employees are French, including our President and CEOGuirchaume Abitbol.  Although we are grateful none of our employees in Paris were harmed by these malicious acts, our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones.  Standing in solidarity with our French families and friends, #JeSuisParis.

For any questions at all, please feel free to send us an email.




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